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The Meaning Of Life?

Something a friend said to me yesterday started me thinking about the meaning of life….don’t we all! 

Is there a meaning or is it completely random. Is the fact of our existence and that of everything else totally accidental and if that is so then surely meaningless. I can’t believe it is all one glorious accident, because if it is the accident is a pretty spectacular one! 

Here are two things to consider everything is random or it is not. But what about this idea, suppose it was a random accident but became logical by the very product of the accidental beginning. What if the very stuff of evolution, everything we do, every action of every kind, forms the structure which makes our existence meaningful? 

What if even the concept of an all powerful being – God – became a reality because we wished it so and that very being feeds on our worship. And what if one day we find we do know the meaning of life and everything else because we have finally made sense of the chaos around us.

Not sure about any of that, not sure if I would really like to have all the answers or even some of them but I am glad I have the ability to think.  


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