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Connections and Coincidences

Just lately I seem to be thinking about things that have connections. Coincidences, some would say but I think instead there truly are links which connect us, our lives with others or with certain places or events. As an example two new friends I have made during the course of last year both have family connections to the town of Stowmarket. Ok so nothing too odd about that but suddenly I found myself involved with related connections to places in Suffolk. Cousins not seen for years have connections to Suffolk, other cousins live in and have lived in the area for many years but now I discover they too live near to both my friends’ relatives. 

It’s a small thing but it illustrates the way things are almost woven into our lives. To talk of the tapestry of live is an over worked cliché but as with many other clichés is true. – Well how did they become overworked clichés in the first place doh!   Anyway the fact is many people when they look into things in depth often find connections to others they knew nothing about. 

Most of us know the expression about things happening in threes that is something I find happens to me time and time again. Most of us also know how a run of bad luck comes in clusters – pity the good luck never seems to! But it has got me thinking about the connections we have in our lives; all of us in some way. 

Maybe we should try to be more ‘connected’ with others. Not interfering or being nosey, or even being what is seen as ‘do gooders’ Just interested in what friends are doing in a real way. Even thinking about things, opening our minds to a point of view we may have rejected or not even thought about; mustn’t that make us more interesting to others? Could it make us more content with ourselves; happier even? 

Who knows but life is what it is, not a rehearsal for something improved upon. No here we are one bite is all we get – at least this time around there may of course be re-incarnation – so maybe we might fine a bit more fulfilment if we all thought  about how we fit in to our life’s pattern and how others’ do and how perhaps each one of us can learn just a tiny bit from someone else.

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