Christmas Eve – the madness intensifies

24 Dec

My son produced my website and I know he is disappointed that I don’t ‘blog’ as much as I should. My excuse is I don’t have the time but the reality is I don’t use the time I do have in the way I should. To buck the trend of being overwhelmed with too much to do today of all days I decided to write something on my blog. But what? Thoughts spinning around in my head are all to do with, will we have enough of this or that to eat during Christmas, will the family like their presents, will I wake up tomorrow in time to put the enormous turkey in the oven so we have lunch before suppertime?

What irrelevant thoughts they really are in the grand order of things and yet millions of people are thinking in a similar fashion. Lemming like we carry on rushing headlong into this extraordinary event until finally the shops close and that is that until they re-open again in around 48 hours or in some case much sooner!

As for me, yes armed with my list later on, I too will be part of the general mêlée thronging the local supermarket. I too will probably forget something I thought was vital for tomorrow but, come the day, will realise that it wasn’t quite as necessary as was thought. Tomorrow’s vast gluttony will engulf us making way for our resolution in the New year to eat and drink less and next Christmas to not forget that forgotten item and so it goes on.

But we do seem to need Christmas, even though the Christian meaning is hardly noticed by many and even though vast numbers of people complain about it being ‘too commercialised.’ Whether it is or isn’t, it is a great event; children love it; families, despite the problems that so often occur, get together and friends, often not seen for years, re-connect with cards.

I love it; I love all the hassle, the rushing around, the parties, the glitzy tackiness, the sheer desperation of getting everything done in time and finally collapsing in an armchair with a glass of wine and thinking that, at last I do have ‘time.’ Precious time to just think quietly reflecting on the rush up to Christmas, events in the family, at work and in the wider world but revelling in the fact that for Christmas day at least all that will be required is to eat, drink, and be merry.

Merry Christmas

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Posted by on December 24, 2009 in Daily Life and Doings


One response to “Christmas Eve – the madness intensifies

  1. Myriel

    January 16, 2010 at 10:11 pm

    Lovely, Jill. Your writing makes me want to read more.


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