Life’s Tapestry

08 Oct

Do you remember the Spirograph? My sister had one when she was a child. It is based on the epicyclic curve. It was a series of plastic shapes, which you pinned to paper. Then putting coloured pens into a circular holder and drawing on the paper enabled the making of lots of geometric shapes. I think our lives are like that; each notch represents a life and as each line crosses another, that is when our patterns merge i.e. the path of each life crosses with another. To fully understand it all, I think, must take many lives, many incarnations.

In Trio my character believes in patterns in peoples’ lives she also believes in fate. She tries to describe to her partner her belief saying, ‘Imagine you have a letter to post and you know it must be posted so you have no option but to post it. However you can choose which letterbox to post it from and when to post it.’ I think our lives are like that. We have to fulfil certain things but we can decide when. We get to a crossroad and choose. Sometimes we don’t know it but we really don’t have a choice but we think we do and take the left turn instead of the right but we will come back to that right turn eventually and have no option then but to take it.

When we are dead I think that is when we have a chance to overview our existence and see the effect it has had on others. I think we are parts of a whole entity like the blobs in a Lava lamp. I think we merge and separate and slowly our experiences – good and bad – improve life for the whole of humanity.

I don’t think we should only look for happiness we need all the experiences we can have. I think our concept of time impedes us in that. We see only a straight path behind or in front but I think it goes in all directions and part of it is entirely relative. For example, when you have a terrible day and one thing after another goes wrong – and that too is part of a pattern – the day seems endless. However, when you are doing something you really like or with someone, you want to be with time contracts. I think it does in reality in some way not just our perception. I think for that short period we inhabit just a part of the time space i.e. the forwards and backwards bit not the whole.

In Trio coincidence is thought of as being part of something else, part of a whole. This is the passage –‘She, who thought deep and strange thoughts – at least that is what others’ said of her – believed there was a kind of pattern in everything. Many times in her life she saw connections that others called coincidence. She thought there was some undiscovered universal ‘law’ that caused such events.  Just as if an object is thrown into the air and falls to the ground, a predictable occurrence ordered by the laws of physics, so too, she thought, many other things in life formed a jigsaw of events where coincidence was a demonstration of the workings of a greater whole.’

So there you have it, a friend once said perhaps there are invisible strings joining events together and perhaps they do come into it. We all use metaphors, to explain the inexplicable but all things are part of our existence, once we accept there is another, broader, almost intangible dimension to life we should wholeheartedly embrace it. We can’t expect happiness or health or wealth or any of the positives but we can learn to live to the full. We should learn that ALL our experiences have a value, even the bad ones and what we can’t explain or understand we should embrace.

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