Ups and Downs

29 Aug

woodgreenWell life for me has been full of ups and downs lately – especially downs! I went to a launch of a bar in Soho a few weeks ago. I had forgotten what a buzz the area has and definitely decided I must make a point of visiting there more often.

All too often, wherever we live, we neglect the very places right on our doorsteps which attract visitors. Anyway I had a very enjoyable evening in very good company and eventually made my way home.  As I walked the short distance home from the tube station I caught my foot on a very slightly raised paving stone, tripped and fell in a rather spectacular fashion.

I suspect the spectactularity* of the fall may have been caused by the 2 or 3 glasses of wine drunk earlier that evening!  Wood Green High Road is probably not the best place to scatter one’s belongings especially handbag purse etc but I was so very lucky to have a young guy come rushing up to me,  help me up and retrieve all my belongings.  Concerned, he asked if I was ok and should he call an ambulance. I reassured him telling him I had just about a 5 minute walk to my home. What he could see but I couldn’t at that stage was how much blood was flowing from a wound near my eye. Indeed he at first thought my broken glasses had damaged the eye itself and as by then I could see nothing out of my right eye and also began to notice the blood on my hand where I had touched my face I took him up on his offer to call an ambulance.

He was told they were very busy and there would be a slight delay, in any event I called my son to tell him what had happened and where I was and before the ambulance arrived my son had joined us. I thanked my rescuer telling him I was very grateful for his help, he had been very kind but he need not stay any longer, he said that he wanted to and that he was fine waiting. Just as well, because the ambulance drove past even though he stood in the road waving his arm to try to attract their attention.

My son then called the ambulance service and explained that the ambulance driver had obviously missed the spot. In turn they called my rescuer’s mobile and again through his help the ambulance arrived.

In the event the blood made the cut look far worse than it was and I declined the paramedic’s offer to be taken to A&E to have it stitched.

The ambulance crew were, as I am sure they always are, very professional, kind and reassuring. They do a great job always but wasn’t it a remarkable sign of just how great ordinary people are. Here was someone young; I would guess he was 20 something, putting himself out to help an older woman. He was kind and just there for me. It shows critics of people in general and youth in particular things are not quite as bad as perhaps the media would have us believe.

I don’t know his name or anything about him but he was great and his actions not only helped me at the time but gave me a positive story to tell others.  So whoever you are thank you.

* Spectacularity is a word I believe I may have just invented!

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