Fenland Weekend

22 Jun

Fenland SceneI went away for the weekend to the fens of Cambridgeshire. It is rural retreat which I have grown to love, flat certainly but with its own identity and even beauty. The sky surrounds you and the sunsets can be astounding. It is a place where I can think without too many interruptions especially when I forget my mobile and laptop!

I returned to London – which I also love – arriving in time for a quick pop into the office, then lunch and then back to the office for the afternoon.

My son works with me, although we don’t see that much of each other during the working day, he has also been instrumental in getting my blog and website off the ground.

In time to come I hope to be able to fill my blog with much that I hope will entertain and which people will enjoy. The ideas are there what I now need is the time and the application i.e. stop messing about and get on with things!

So from this tiny start lets hope something good grows.

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Posted by on June 22, 2009 in Daily Life and Doings


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