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The Meaning Of Life?

Something a friend said to me yesterday started me thinking about the meaning of life….don’t we all! 

Is there a meaning or is it completely random. Is the fact of our existence and that of everything else totally accidental and if that is so then surely meaningless. I can’t believe it is all one glorious accident, because if it is the accident is a pretty spectacular one! 

Here are two things to consider everything is random or it is not. But what about this idea, suppose it was a random accident but became logical by the very product of the accidental beginning. What if the very stuff of evolution, everything we do, every action of every kind, forms the structure which makes our existence meaningful? 

What if even the concept of an all powerful being – God – became a reality because we wished it so and that very being feeds on our worship. And what if one day we find we do know the meaning of life and everything else because we have finally made sense of the chaos around us.

Not sure about any of that, not sure if I would really like to have all the answers or even some of them but I am glad I have the ability to think.  


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Fenland Weekend

Fenland SceneI went away for the weekend to the fens of Cambridgeshire. It is rural retreat which I have grown to love, flat certainly but with its own identity and even beauty. The sky surrounds you and the sunsets can be astounding. It is a place where I can think without too many interruptions especially when I forget my mobile and laptop!

I returned to London – which I also love – arriving in time for a quick pop into the office, then lunch and then back to the office for the afternoon.

My son works with me, although we don’t see that much of each other during the working day, he has also been instrumental in getting my blog and website off the ground.

In time to come I hope to be able to fill my blog with much that I hope will entertain and which people will enjoy. The ideas are there what I now need is the time and the application i.e. stop messing about and get on with things!

So from this tiny start lets hope something good grows.

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My new website

Today marked the unveiling of my new website – – which will complement this blog.  There you will find further information about me and have links to ‘social me’ for further ways to get in touch and connect with me through Facebook, You Tube and the like.

It is early days, but with time I will expand both the website and this blog.  One of the first things that will be shared on both is a growing collection of poetry that I’ve been writing of late. And of course the editing of my book – Trio – goes on as relentless as it may seem, I know there is light at the end of the tunnel and can’t wait for the day I can announce it is published and available to purchase!

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Producing a site and Blog is all a very new experience to me, so please be patient while I update what you see and read here.  I’ve registered my domain and it all is a rather exciting process to think that I will ‘own’ a small part of the World Wide Web, where I can share my views, experiences and introduce people to such and hope you will come with me on my journey as I get closer to the publication of my first book, Trio.

Indeed I am a first time author.  I shall publish my book’s synopsis here soon for you to have a taste of what is to come.  For now, the fat lady has sung and I must get back to things.  Please do stop by again for there will be many new articles and changes in the coming weeks and months.

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